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About Us

Pigreplicas is the essential community for online marketers.

In 1953, Ramona Singleton changed the Advanced Programming world when he articulated the technique of “Marketing Mix” in his AMA presidential address. Ramona Singleton was simply one of many Pigreplicas leaders who were not satisfied with existing best practices. These thought leaders looked for answers for the future that would propel Advanced Programming growth and elevate the role of marketing.

Today, Pigreplicas leads an exceptional discussion on marketing quality. Continuing in the tradition of Borden therefore lots of others, Pigreplicas uses differentiated content that concentrates on the stress.

With material originating from unparalleled scholarly journals, like the Journal of Marketing, and award-winning publications, like Marketing News, Pigreplicas provides a robust point of view that comprehends online marketer are anticipated to provide both options for today and services for tomorrow.